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Effective date: December 4, 2008.

This file contains important information that was not available when the documentation for the product was written. Workarounds, when they are available, are provided for known issues.

The content in this Readme file applies to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter with Service Pack 2 (SP2). To download PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter SP2, visit the Microsoft Download Center (

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What is fixed in PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter SP2?

Known Issues

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What is fixed in PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter SP2?

PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter SP2 provides fixes for the following issues.


Description of Change

Management Reporter did not open after Migration was run.

Management Reporter now opens after Migration runs.

A System.OutofMemoryException was thrown when a report in Management Reporter was generated.

The System.OutofMemoryException error no longer occurs when Management Reporter generates reports.

When an account filter was used for either General Ledger or Dimension-based systems, incorrect accounts and balances were returned.

Management Reporter now returns the correct accounts, with balances, when account filters are used with General Ledger and Dimension-based systems.

The Transaction Attribute report returned a Duplicate Item error and caused an exception.

The Transaction Attribute report no longer returns a Duplicate Item error that causes an exception.

The Edit Add Rows From Account and Dimensions Grid used Dimension description instead of Description name.

The Edit Add Rows From Account and Dimensions Grid use Dimension description instead of Description name.

Management Reporter did not pull transactions from an Oracle database.

Management Reporter now pulls transactions from an Oracle Database.

Report Viewer could not be opened if the Print Spooler service was not running.

Report Viewer now opens successfully whether or not the Print Spooler is running.

If a company node in a navigation tree contained users who were deleted, the application failed when a user attempted to open that node.

Users can now open a company node even if it contains users who have been deleted.

Selection of font styles that do not support regular, underline, or bold caused an application to stop responding.

You can now select font styles that do not support regular, underline, or bold.

After inserting reporting units from the source system, use of the commands Undo and Redo caused an application failure.

Users can now successfully edit reporting units from a source system by using the commands Redo and Undo.

Users who attempted to export to Microsoft Office Excel negative numbers that were formatted in red and were without parentheses received "invalid numbers" and "invalid format" errors.

Users can now successfully export negative numbers that are formatted in red, rather than being encased in parentheses, to Office Excel.

The Log Off confirmation message allowed you to access the application without logging in.

You can no longer access the application without logging in.

Known Issues



After Validation is run, users who click on one building block may see a different building block open.

Workaround: Restart Management Reporter.

The user cannot access connections if the user is not enabled in the database.

Workaround: Delete the cached credentials registry entry, then re-enable SQL Server authorization and wait for the server to change the connection.

Users who have the role of Generator cannot save e-mail information.

Workaround: The user in a Generator role must add e-mail information to the report definition so that information can be saved.

When users apply shading to cells, it is also applied to the space between columns.

Do not use the Extra Spaces Before Columns option.

@PDATE and @PTIME codes are being migrated to @PrintDateShort and @PrintTimeShort. In Microsoft FRx, these codes were the data and time the report was generated.

There is no workaround for this issue at this time.

The Repair function does not work on Management Reporter in Programs and Features in the Windows Vista Enterprise edition.

Workaround: The user can uninstall and reinstall Management Reporter to fix this issue.


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